Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiny Bear

In my last post, I said that I would try to get some better photos of the little bear who arrived the other day in an envelope. Here he is on the bed in the little boy's room upstairs in the shabby cottage. He is just 2omm tall when sitting down!!! I can't believe that Alison managed to make such a teeny weeny bear, all beautifully jointed. Alison is a bearmaker who makes fullsized teddybears... she made this bear as a special gift after I was talking to her about wanting a tiny polar bear for the shabby little boy Matthew's favourite toy is his polar bear Snowy (pictured with the miniature Snowy). What a nice surprise. Thank you so much, Alison!!


Liberty Biberty said...

LOVE that bed! And that teeny bear is just gorgeous!

miniacollection said...

Like Mercedes I like the bed very much, and the little white bear is perfect on it.

maria said...

Like The two girls bofore me, i love the bed and the bear is very cute.
I also realy love the kitchen, nice colors and very cosy.

Janne said...

The bear is just gorgeous, and the bed is verey nice to!