Monday, April 2, 2012

Make Coffee not War

I found this gorgeous sign and couldn't resist making one for my miniature kitchen. As a complete coffee addict, I think this is great - and I love the retro styling!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back after the summer holidays

It's been a really long time since I did a blog entry and of course I've been feeling guilty about it for ages. So here I am back, after a big long break away. Part of the reason is because it has been summer in New Zealand and we've been away camping and having fun even though the weather this summer hasn't been the best. I never get much done with miniatures in the summer because it's so nice to be outside. But the main reason has been a bit of a lack of inspiration and direction. Anyway, I have been feeling a bit more inpsired lately, and although most of my energies have been going into projects that have ended up in my Etsy shop, I thought I would still show you some of the things I have been making lately.

I made some little books all with French decor themes .... couldn't resist it because the covers were so pretty. Wish fulfilment as per usual ... I would like to have some of these books on my own over-full bookshelves, not that there is room for them.

This is one of my absolute favourite books - a little book on Limoges china, paired with a pretty Limoges plate. I had to make two of these because I knew that I couldn't bear to part with one was for the shop and one was for my shabby cottage!!

Here's another thing I made that I can't bear to part with. The "frame" of this picture is a very pretty button I found years ago - I bought a few of them at the time - and the little picture is a portrait of the Queen as a young woman, by Cecil Beaton. I made this in honour of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee year.

This was another fun project. Ella, my lovely eight year old, was very bored one Saturday so I suggested that she get out the fimo and make something and said that I would keep her company and make something too. So I put together this potting bench display.

I put one of my baskets of vegetables in this diepsly - I'm so proud of my cauli and broccoli and apples!! I made some vintage seed catalogues too, which are really pretty.

I painted all the little flowerpots and used tiny nail stickers to decorate them (thanks to Katie for this great idea).

After New Year I decided that a change would be good and moved everything around in my living room. When I did, I was absolutely horrified to discover how filthy dirty my poor little shabby cottage had become! It was totally full of dust and looked completely dreadful and very unloved. I'm not used to these open dollshouses filling up with other dollshouse is a front-opening one and doesn't really get very dusty (except on the outside!). I knew it was going to take a bit of effort to get it sorted out. Well, finally today I made the time to sit down with my dear little house and empty it completely and give it a Spring clean (except that it's Autumn here now). Man, it was dirty! I took everything out and wiped all the floors and surfaces down with a soapy, damp cloth and dried it all off. I even had to "shampoo" the carpet in the upstairs bedroom - it was horrible. Then I made sure everything was clean as I put it back in. It was a good opportunity to de-clutter a bit too! It is all nice and clean now and so I will show you some photos ....

Nice clean kitchen! The layer of dust on the kitchen bench was horrendous! Poor little house!

I've decluttered the kitchen a bit but of course there are still lots of cakes! None of the placemats would stay flat so I have ditched them.

And this is what I have been making today - a cute little Treasure Box to put in the dollshouse living room. I think it is really sweet. I have a secret, cunning plan for what the contents are to be and I will show you when I have made them.

I made a second box, with "Bits & Pieces" on the lid. I lined both boxes with Cath Kidston fabric in 1/12 scale that I made with printable fabric.

Here is the box in its new home on the bookcase in the lovely clean living room. I love my little house!!

And another photo. Look at that lovely clean floor! I feel just as good as if my whole real house were as clean. I'm considering throwing a light throw over the dollshouse so this doesn't happen again.

Anyway, it's nice to be back. Keeps my mind off my worries (hubby has lost his job and his last day is next week!!). I promise I will never let so much time go by ever again without posting!!