Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just to say hello

It's definitely about time I reappeared! It's been so long since I posted that I have moved past feeling guilty and now feel exceedlingly virtuous for even showing my shamefaced self in blogland after such a long absence. I haven't been here at all - haven't even had time to read any blogs or anything. It's not through lack of enthusiasm, just overwork and lack of time. I didn't completely stop blogging, though.... .....if you want to see where my blogging energy has had to go, have a look by clicking here.

Anyway, now the crazy rush of the Spring season at work is starting to die down (oh, please, please let this be true), I am hoping to have more energy for the other things in my life, including miniatures!!
I did have one very happy moment in the middle of a very stressful time. I was the very very lucky winner of Daphne's wonderful giveaway. (If you haven't visited her blog - In the Court of the Gypsies - then go and check it out!!) I was so excited because I had never won a giveaway before. Thank you so much, Daphne, for these beautiful miniatures!!! They realled cheered me up just when I needed it! I just love the French shabby chair and the flowers and picture and antiqued flower tub are just lovely! I feel really lucky to have won this giveaway. And they arrived just when I really needed cheering up. What a lovely surprise!

Unfortunately, being so busy means that I don't have very much to show you this time. There are a couple of small additions to the cottage that you might like to see. I bought a cute little French planter from Pei Li - it is just so sweet! I have put it just inside the door of the cottage - I might pop some mail in it or maybe the lady of the house casually throws her keys in there when she comes in from outside.

I liked it so much that I couldn't resist doubling up by buying another one, this time with a pretty flower in it. This one is outside the cottage by the front door and I really love it. It is so pretty!
I recently attended a dollshouse show (sorry, I didn't take my camera) and bought a pretty porcelain candlestick from the neighbouring stall - here it is on the bookcase.

Earlier in the Spring, before life had ground me to a pulp, I decided to re-do the plate display in my "real" house. The chintz patterned plates are all Crown Ducal. The bottom plate had two corners broken off and badly glued back on when I received it. I managed to remove most of the old yellow glue-globs with acetone. Whoops - removed too much glue and the corners fell off. So I glued them back on and now it looks as good as new. The two plates with floral rims are Royal Doulton and the small one in the centre is a very hard to find (well, I found it hard to find!) pattern by Winton called "Caravan", which I really love. Hubbys comment: "Are you going to cover the whole wall with plates?!" No. Just these ones.

So, here I am back in the land of the living again, and realising that while I was a.w.o.l. I have undeservedly reached 500 followers. So one of my next posts will be a little giveaway to celebrate getting through the Spring season (yes, I know Spring is lovely, but it gets awfully busy when you work at a seed company!), and to celebrate still having some followers even though I haven't blogged for ages.

Thanks for still being there! xxxx