Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Passion is everything

Another massive gap between blog posts, but here I am, back again.  We have recently moved house yet again and now that the dust is starting to settle from the upheaval of moving again, my thoughts are starting to turn to miniatures again.  Yesterday I just felt like making I had a fossick around in my box of stuff, and found a little lamp that was crying out for some love and attention .... and here it is....all embellished with pretty little polymer clay blossoms with tiny little no-hole beads in the centre of each flower, and some more little flowers that began life as nail art stickers.  It looks really pretty in the little cottage and I couldn't resist taking lots of photos of it:

Above you can see the arty version of the photo - on the table with the lamp is a little resin "biscuit tin" I made ages ago.  It's one of my all-time favourite miniatures, with its crackle paint finish and old time rose decals.  And I also found a little box of chocolate truffles I made a while ago - tiny little dark and white chocolate truffles in a box with a pretty silk bow. 
Here's another photo which tries to show the texture on the truffles.....
Getting back to the title for my post, I think I'm ready to admit that nothing is worth doing without passion....there's been a huge gap in my passion for blogging for ages, and occasionally I've had a half-hearted attempt at making things, but if your heart's not completely involved in the creative process, it never seems to go quite right.  But lately, that creative drive seems to have come back and PASSION IS EVERYTHING!  And now I have some things that I am proud to show you, because I really enjoyed making them and am happy with the result.  I love this little lamp - it is so pretty!

Here's another  photo of the lamp, which of course has my favourite miniature plate set on the wall in the background... violets are still my favourite....and I just love the plate in the centre of the display!  You can also see the pretty bead curtain on the left and the gorgeous hand-painted picture on the wall is one I purchased from Sandie Coe - another of my favourite purchases!

Of course there is rarely a post made on this blog where I don't share a some new plates I have made, so here is my most recent new set .... so pretty.  I wish I could display them all in my little cottage, but there just isn't room!  Anyway, thought you might like to see these!  I am really proud of them - they are beautiful, I think.

This is where we live now....we have bought a very small house in Turangi, which is in the central North Island.   This is a gorgeous photo a friend of our took - we live at the far end of the street that you can see in the middle of the photograph.... our little town is awash with autumn colours and full of fallen leaves at the moment - very pretty if you are not the person in charge of leaf removal!

This is what the lamp looks like when it isn't lit.  Sorry there are so many photos of it - you can probably tell that I'm all excited about it.

I feel some more miniatures coming on, so hopefully you will see a bit more of me around here in the next little while!   xxxxx