Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Miniature Typography Window

I am so excited about today's project that I just HAD to show you straight away.  I've been mulling over the idea of making a shabby-chic framed typography window for a while now.  Anyway, today I had time so it's done.

I originally started off making waterslide decals and applying them to acetate for the window frame - the original idea was to have the lettering on clear "glass".  Well, that didn't work!  The edge of the decal showed up terribly.  So I decided that I would go for an "etched glass" look.

I found something to use as the etched glass and I really love the look I have achieved, because it also looks as though there are raindrops forming on the outside of the window.  I abandoned my tried and trusty waterslide decals as well and tried a new medium and I love the result.  I had to take lots of photos to show you!

It wasn't easy to photograph - I needed to get some backlighting going on to show the light coming through the window, but I also wanted to show the white shabby frame off as well.  Hence there are lots of photos today. 

I thought this would look lovely leaning against a wall!  Paris Flea Market style....how cute is this??

Now I have figured out how to do it, I have lots more ideas to try out....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Inspiration for a new project


So here goes with my new project!  You can see it in the photo below.  It doesn't look much now....it's a room box which I started working on a couple of years ago and then lost interest in.  It was originally going to be a kitchen based on something I found in a magazine, but I completely lost interest shortly after starting it.  You can see the signs of me losing interest when I just stuck a paper floor down instead of putting a bit more effort into making a realistic floor.

Well, it's due for renovation/completion.  

I don't know what I was thinking really....pink walls and blue panelling??  It's all going to have to go!

Yesterday I spent two hours (TWO HOURS!!!) working on an inspiration board for my new project.  This isn't something I have ever done before but even though my time might have been better spent actually getting started, I am really glad that I did it.  The theme for this new project is Vintage....kind of a bright, primary-colour, red-and-blue 1950s/Cath Kidston/ kind of vibe. 

My main inspiration and quite a few of the photos on my inspiration board are from Happy Loves Rosie.   If you haven't read her blog before, check it out.  (It's full size, not miniature!)

She also has some amazing photos of her retro-styled caravans too!  Amazing!  Happy describes her style as Happy Shabby and Gypsy Kitsch.  I think Bright Vintage would also be a good description.  So you can see I am going to have to relinquish my pastels and get into some bright and cheerful colours.  I'm really looking forward to it.

My room box is going to be a kitchen (of course)!

So I guess just watch this space.....


I am really happy with these cute little plates I made for my Etsy store....an update for 2014 on the Greengate sets that everyone seems to really like - I have my eye on that blue plate with the spotty rim though - it might have to find a new home in the Vintage Kitchen when I am further along with the project!

Now that we have moved house, I can tell you where we are.....for those of you who are Lord of the Rings fans, we are now living right next to Mount Doom.

Of course, in real life, the mountain is called Mt Ngauruhoe and at the moment there is no snow on it, because here in New Zealand it is just the beginning of Autumn.

Well in honour of a new project, I have given my blog a new look, but it's a pretty big change....missing my pretty pastel cooking pots already.  I made my own background too, from a tutorial I found here.....took ages but it was fun to be able to do it myself instead of relying on finding a blog background I liked.  Be honest, do you like the new look, or shall I put it back as it was??

I'll keep you posted on progress with the Vintage Kitchen!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Started

Just a short post today, but there is more to come another day.  I am so excited, because after a non-creative period that has lasted nearly TWO YEARS (omg - that is quite shameful!!), I have finally decided on my next project.  So that is exciting and encouraging.

I am feeling happy today because I have managed to complete a couple of commissions for my Etsy shop.  One of my customers in particular has been VERY patient while I moved house and finally gathered all my craft stuff back together and got back into it. 

My favourite thing that I made yesterday is this little framed picture - I love the way the pansies spill out of the frame.  And I decided to try using a crackle finish - I know it's hard to get the crackles to work in 1/12 scale - you need the thinnest possible layer of crackle glaze and then the thinnest, quickest layer of paint laid over the top of it.  Anyway, I'm quite happy with this finish - pale purple underneath and showing through the crackles.  I layered a few watercolours over the top of the white paint and it looks really pretty now.  It's in my Etsy shop but it might migrate back into my dollshouse if no-one else wants it, as it's cute.

Anyway, short and sweet today but see you again soon.....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Moving Time

Well, it's been an age since I have spent some time on my blog... it has been a difficult couple of years.... but here is the good news.  New year, new house, new life (and on a shallow note, also new computer, new camera). 

We have decided to sell up and make a move.  The house is on the market, and we are moving to our new life in a couple of weeks.  Hubby is already there, working, and I am still here with the kiddies, packing up. 

Actually, to be honest, the actual packing won't be too bad!  The worst things was decluttering.  OMG - the stuff you can collect when you are a bit of a magpie, have LOTS of cupboards, and are into a huge variety of arts and homecrafts.  By the time I sorted through my dollshouse stuff, my soapmaking stuff, my cheesemaking stuff, my homebrew stuff, and my breadmaking stuff, it was a bit embarrassing to realise how much clutter I had accumulated!

But really, I have not just one, but THREE houses to pack up.  My real house, and two very full but very much loved dollshouses!  Now I know that a lot of you dollshouse people out there have WAY more than two dollshouses,  and you may therefore quite justifiably think that packing up two dollshouses isn't too bad. 

Actually, it wasn't too bad, but as I wrapped teeny-tiny little groups of things in tissue paper, I did wonder whether the people who glue everything down permanently haven't got the right idea after all.  Everything in my dollshouses is loose, apart from the odd piece of bluetak stopping too much carnage occurring. 

That's because I really like moving things around.  You can't change anything if it's all glued down.

This afternoon, I re-set the table with some very sweet little cutlery from Jennifer from Windy Point Miniatures.  It is so gorgeous....I will have to save up for another place setting!  Teeny and perfect!  It's the only addition I have made to my shabby cottage for ages, and it was a pleasure putting it in place, even if I had to pack it straight after taking the photos!

So this afternoon I packed up both my dollshouses.  While I was doing it I took some photos of some of my favourite little corners and have used them in this blogpost. 

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, I beg your patience, because I know that you will have seen some of these little items and corners before, but YOU JUST WAIT until I get resettled.  At least to start with, there will be no job taking up all my time, so in addition to being a good mother, I am hoping to get stuck back into projects.....I have a great idea of what to do with my half-started-and-tragically-stalled roombox project.....it's going to be a 1950s kitchen!  I can't wait to get started! 

We are moving to a rented house in the staff village of an outdoor pursuits centre by the mountains.  It is where my husband and I met and were married. 

We left there after having our first child, but now that the children are 12 and 10 (where did that time go??) they are the right age to have an absolute ball living at a place with rockclimbing, kayaking, caving and mountaineering all there for the taking! 

And no more mortgage for us for a while.  We hope.  When we sell the house, that is!  Keep your fingers crossed for a quick sale!

So we are on the move...we think our moving date will be sometime in the next couple of weeks (we're waiting for someone to vacate our house-to-be in a staff house-shuffle). 

In the meantime, thanks so much to everyone who has been patiently waiting for me to show my face again.  I have missed my contact with miniatures blog people and am looking forward to getting involved again. 

Thanks so much to those of you who sent me messages encouraging me to get blogging again!  I know I didn't do a very good job of answering you at the time, but it really meant something to me that you were still thinking of me - thanks so much!

So here is the Shabby Cottage, all packed up and ready to go to it's new home.   It's a good opportunity for a Spring Clean!

I apologise for how dis-jointed this blogpost may have sounded.  I did write this all in a couple of paragraphs, but I wanted to fit all my photos in to the blogpost, so I have split all the text up and now it sounds a bit staccato, but never mind.  It's better a peckity blog post than no blog post!
(Yes, that is a made-up word.)

Even dear little Anne of Green Gables has packed her little carpet bag and is ready to head away with us on our new Adventure! 
We'll see you again when we get there!