Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fallen in love with a book

You may have seen this photo's a little afternoon tea party scene in my shabby cottage.  The gorgeous cake and the cake slices were made by Kim Saulter (It's a Miniature Life)  .  I just love Kim's miniatures - I've always been a huge fan - she is one of my blog heroes.


Oh, wow!

I know that those of you who are better than I am at keeping up to date with your blog reading will probably already know this, but I didn't!  I just stumbled upon it last night!

Kim has written a book!!  I am such an admirer of her beautiful work.  It's not just that she makes such delicately pretty cakes and baking....I just really admire the way she puts a scene together.....everything is so charming - I want to shrink and live in every room.   And never grow big again.

And then to top it all off, there are some of my little dollshouse plates in her book.   There is my little damier rouge plate on the right hand side.  So that completely made my day.

If you haven't already had a look, you can read her post about her new book here.  Of course Kim has no idea I am writing this rather effusive blog....I was just so excited that I had to let off some steam!!

I've been having fun making some little bits and pieces lately.  When I went to visit my lovely sister last year, she had a gorgeous old ballerina print in her bathroom.  (She is going shabby chic - full sized style!).  So I thought it would be nice to have a dollshouse sized it is...isn't it cute?

I also have a new favourite vintage sign....even my other half thinks we should have one in the garden.  Hope the fairies have a sense of humour. 

And here are a couple more that I like. 

I need a new project now....I have a room box sitting around unloved and incomplete.  I think it's time to start something new.....