Friday, July 31, 2009

Some details....

I think I'm not finished showing you my little cake prep table yet....I have to show you a couple of the details....the little book I made has the most beautiful cover you can imagine. The little bead is one of those things that has been hanging around here (along with a mountain of other things!!) waiting to be used for a miniature project and I thought it matched the colours beautifully. The little vintage box is also something I made ages ago - I'm glad I've found a home for it!

Shabby Chic again! Cake Prep table.

Well, I have spent all day on this project and I am so pleased with it! This is my little cake preparation table, and again the look is very shabby chic.

The little table was unfinished when I got it, and I had a lovely time painting it in pale blue with a white top, sanding it back and distressing and aging it.

The little cake is sitting on a pretty heart shaped trivet (actually, it is some kind of embellishment from the scrapbooking shop - I attached little beads for feet). There is a little bowl with left over frosting and a messy knife. I made decals for the little cannisters of flour and sugar (and the third one on the shelf below), and they look really sweet. There are some more little cakes on a pretty blue plate and a glass jar of rose petal sugar.

On the bottom shelf are all sorts of pretty little bits and pieces - I really like the little cook books - such pretty covers - (there are no recipes inside though!). What a fun project!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've had a lovely time today making cupcakes for these displays! I think I've caught the shabby chic bug!! I painted and distressed the trays yesterday, and this morning decorated them with tiny decals that I made. I think the blue one is my favourite, with its tiny pansies.
The cupcakes were very fiddly, but I am pleased with the way they have turned out. I thought they would be nice served as an afternoon treat with a glass of white wine! Pity they're not real!

I couldn't resist taking the little irises out of the vase in my own dollhouse...they are just so pretty decorating the trays. The pink plate is a lovely piece by Sam Dunlap...the blue and cream plates are from the Netherlands and very delicate - I love the pastel colours.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Two posts in one day....well, I guess I need to get the ball rolling!
I have made two breakfast trays recently. This one uses some lovely cream coloured porcelain I is so tiny and fine that it is a pleasure to work with! (The other tray is the same, but with blue porcelain.)
The coffee pot is just like my real one, and it is actually a small sewing charm I found in our local sewing shop....I had to do some surgery on it to remove the ring on top, and paint the knob and handle, and now it looks great! I thought I should include a little jug of milk (not everyone likes their coffee black, but I do!) The tray is a lovely serving tray made by Al Chandronnait.
After making this little tray, I thought I should introduce my children to pain au chocolat so I bought some home from the local bakery. My five year old daughter eyed hers with great suspicion but once she eventually tried it she decided it was actually very nice!
Hi - if anyone is reading this, then welcome to my blog. This is all new to me, so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I will find time to post regularly as well as read all the other inspiring blogs I have stumbled across.

Maybe I should say something about myself and why I have begun this main passion is making miniature food....I work with polymer clay. I am always trying to learn more, and get better. Every time I make something new, I am so excited. It's hard to send things off to their new homes sometimes, but I am glad that people like my work enough to buy it, because that gives me the excuse to make more. I often find that projects are bubbling away in my brain for absolutely ages before I find the time and inspiration to get started on them.

These are some of the projects I have been working on lately:
This litte prep board was for a customer who remembered her aunt making Fruit Salad Jam and wanted me to make her a prep board for it. Well, I had never heard of Fruit Salad Jam and the only recipes I could find for it anywhere used dried fruit, but my customer remembered her aunt using fruit from the fruit bowl, particularly peaches and passionfruit, so I made a board filled with fresh fruit for her....and of course the fruit bowl had to be included too! I am so pleased with my little kiwifruit - all fuzzy like the real ones. I like the colour of the passionfruit too.