Monday, July 6, 2009

Two posts in one day....well, I guess I need to get the ball rolling!
I have made two breakfast trays recently. This one uses some lovely cream coloured porcelain I is so tiny and fine that it is a pleasure to work with! (The other tray is the same, but with blue porcelain.)
The coffee pot is just like my real one, and it is actually a small sewing charm I found in our local sewing shop....I had to do some surgery on it to remove the ring on top, and paint the knob and handle, and now it looks great! I thought I should include a little jug of milk (not everyone likes their coffee black, but I do!) The tray is a lovely serving tray made by Al Chandronnait.
After making this little tray, I thought I should introduce my children to pain au chocolat so I bought some home from the local bakery. My five year old daughter eyed hers with great suspicion but once she eventually tried it she decided it was actually very nice!

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Liberty Biberty said...

Yippeee! You have a blog! Welcome to the blogpsphere my friend!
Your little tray is just gorgeous. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't marvel at my little block of butter!