Friday, July 31, 2009

Shabby Chic again! Cake Prep table.

Well, I have spent all day on this project and I am so pleased with it! This is my little cake preparation table, and again the look is very shabby chic.

The little table was unfinished when I got it, and I had a lovely time painting it in pale blue with a white top, sanding it back and distressing and aging it.

The little cake is sitting on a pretty heart shaped trivet (actually, it is some kind of embellishment from the scrapbooking shop - I attached little beads for feet). There is a little bowl with left over frosting and a messy knife. I made decals for the little cannisters of flour and sugar (and the third one on the shelf below), and they look really sweet. There are some more little cakes on a pretty blue plate and a glass jar of rose petal sugar.

On the bottom shelf are all sorts of pretty little bits and pieces - I really like the little cook books - such pretty covers - (there are no recipes inside though!). What a fun project!


Liberty Biberty said...

Eeek! It's so gorgeous Carolyn. I'm finding shabby miniaturing highly addictive!

kimsminiatures said...

Its lovely. Yum pink buttercream is my favorite. Isn't the shabby chic look fun to do? Mini hugs!

Alienora said...

Carolyn, I love your work! Everything looks so sweet and tasteful:)

amy fletcher said...

Hi Carolyn, this is so super cute! Thanks for inspiring me to make my own shabby minis. :) Amy