Saturday, June 12, 2010

I hate superglue!!!

I really hate superglue. It never seems to stick the things it is meant to, but always does a fantastic job of sticking my fingers together. I avoid it whenever I can but got it out today to help me make this shabby bed for the cottage.

I've spent ages on this today and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I used florists wire and cardboard and some findings and painted it all over with gesso. Then I stuck some little flowers on. I think this bed actually looks better in the room with the bare boards so I may swap the upstairs rooms over.

A friend sent me a bundle of lace the other day so I have used one piece as a coverlet but I'm not sure if this is really the look I wanted for the bed so it may change yet! The saying of the day is "not sure" !!


Marion said...

Hi Carolyn, may I give you some constructive advice? The wire is possibly too thin and therefore not as straight as you would have liked it. Next time, place one end in a vice (very tightly) and get a pair of pliers to pull at the other end as hard as you can. This often straightens wire perfectly. I don't know about your gesso, but mine looks very dull (matt) when I paint it on, so probably a paint with a shiny finish (or varnish over the gesso) would possibly give you a more 'metal' look?? Superglue. My pet hate, but when I use it I have a little bottle of acetone right next to me. One drop on your fingers and it dissolves the superglue. (I tried it often enough!!!)
Cheers. Oh, and I didn't say I didn't like your bed. It's a real good shabby look, including the lace.

Norma said...

Good advice from Marion but your little bed is charming :)

Caro said...

Thanks Marion....I will be sure to have some acetone next time as I am sick of that panicked feeling you get as you realise your fingers are stuck together!!!! Thanks for the ideas about straightening the wire - I don't have a vice but could use the thicker wire for all parts of the bed if I do it again.

Janne said...

You have made a charming bed with lovely linen!

Irene said...

It's a lovely little bed and I like the lace coverlet and cushion, it all matches very well.

miniacollection said...

I like your bed, what you put on it is perfect.

Liberty Biberty said...

What a sweet little bed!
I've been making a simpler looking one but the part I hate getting the wire stuck into my fingers...I've given up on superglue, it seems to stick my fingers together better than anything else!

Susan said...

You have achieved a charming 'shabby' look with your bed! I love the lace, it suits so well.

Christine said...

I love the bed! It caught my eye from the pic posts and posts after this one and I had to come back and look for it.

My one tip for superglue is to buy superglue gel rather than the horrible runny stuff which coats everything. It is a bit more expensive (around $4 tube here in Aus) but it doesn't dry up between uses and you can actually squeeze out a drop at a time.