Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some lovely presents!

I am a very lucky girl.....I have some lovely little bits and pieces to show you! I was very excited that at our recent Convention I knew that I would get to see Marion. She is just lovely, and I was looking forward to spending a bit more time with her before she went back to Australia. On her last day, she popped round to visit. I really wish I hadn't been so busy and had had more time to spend with her! She made these beautiful miniatures for me! This gorgeous basket has been so beautifully made and given a wondeful shabby finish! And inside it are a whole lot of lovely tiles that she has made herself from air-drying clay. They have the most beautiful pictures of flowers and birds on them! I just love them....thank you so much Marion!

Here they are in the bedroom, next to the washbasin. The colours are just right!

Marion and Dorothee had also been busy making little cats that sit on a door frame. I am a bit short of door frames in my little cottage but one of my little cats looks very much at home on the picture frame in the living room. Sadly there are still no curtains at the window, and the window looks as dirty as my real windows in this photo, but the cat is very cute!!

Now that it isn't long until Christmas, it is time to fill the house with Christmas goodies. My Dad always had bowls of nuts at Christmas and here is a lovely big bowl of walnuts in the dollshouse. The wooden bowl is absolutely was given to me by a lovely gentleman who does the most beautiful woodturning....he had the stall next to me at the recent Convention and this was his parting gift .... I probably need to show a photo of it empty to show it off properly.

I was pretty happy with these little walnuts, and so I have to share the secret with you. I work for a seed company, and one of my jobs is filling packets of seed (we still do it by hand). I really like seeing how all the different seeds look, and of course can't help looking at them with a miniaturist eye! And the other day I had to fill Euphorbia Marginata (Snow on the Mountain) and the seeds looked just like walnuts! So here are a few of them waiting for Christmas in the cottage.

This is what the plant looks like.

I had a really amazing parcel arrive today so I will post some photos of the contents soon!


Christine said...

What a lovely gift from Marion - they are so pretty and so suited to your shabby chic cottage.

Those seeds are perfect walnuts! Looking forward to your next parcel posting!

PAKY said...

so cute gifts, congratulations!

Katie said...

Oh Carolyn... I'm sooo slow some days! I didn't realize the birdhouse was coming to you:) I am sooo happy that you got it, It's one of my favorites, too!

Thanks for all the pointers... I'll let you know when I get around to making the jam :)

I just love you little bathroom scene! The tiles are perfect!! Soooo girlie:) And I'm loving your kitty above the frame:) Perfect call on the seeds/walnuts! I have a bunch of jars filled in one of my houses with all kinds of seeds... there's some really neats one out there!

Again.... I'm so happy the birdhouse got to you.. and that you're happy with it:) Now I just have to get my picture program back, so I can upload some more. I've got 'birdhouse fever' over!


TINK-SONIA said...

So beautiful gifts Carolyn,in your house looks perfect!Mini regards.

Lataina said...

The basket and tiles are just perfect!

Flora said...

Too cute, perfect for your taste and your home :-)
Mini lovely hugs, Flora

Alma e Lia said...

Beautuful the corner wasbasin, i love the cat frame :o)

Yayin said...

Es todo precioso y tienes mucho gusto,felicidades.
Besos Rosa

Margaret said...

Beautiful gifts you received and they go well in your room settings. Love your photos and the cat looks cute, the 'walnuts' too, great idea.

Patty said...

Carolyn, How perfect everything seems to go with your darling cottage! The tiles in the basket are wonderful!!! I love that flower....I don't think I have ever seen it before. The seeds are perfect for walnuts!!

Pan said...

Lovely gifts. The cottage is just gorgeous!

CLARA said...

El cesto de Marion queda ideal en tu baƱo.
Las semillas - nueces un gran descubrimiento.
No dejes de ver con ojos minis :)
Besos Clara