Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rose Petals

I have finally got around to having a play around with cold porcelain. I've had the ingredients sitting around for a while, but have been held up by not having an old saucepan that I didn't want to use again for food. Yesterday my lovely friend Dorothee emailed me this tutorial, and I thought it was about time I got round to it. I found an old saucepan at the op-shop, and cooked up my first batch of cold porcelain (here is the recipe). Mine turned out a bit sticky, but I added a bit more cornflour and it seems to be a bit more manageable now. I didn't feel as though my roses are as good as I would like them to be - I think I need a bit more practice with those, but I was really pleased with my little rose petals!
I coloured the cold porcelain quite a few varying shades of pink, made these tiny petals, and dusted the edges of the paler colours with pastels to get a realistic, graduated colour. They are really pretty - I have put them in a bowl on the table in the cottage living room.
You can see the graduation of colours a bit better in this photo.
Once I had all these lovely rosepetals, I couldn't resist making some cakes. It's been ages since I've made any miniature food - I've been busy working on the cottage instead.
Here are the two cakes I made today - my absolute favourite is the one with pink sugar.

My daughter Ella likes the one with red rose petals.


Patty said...

Carolyn, You are such a great creative person! I LOVE your rose's and rose petals on your cakes! They turned out so wonderful!!! The tulips are really wonderful too! You have so much energy and seem to be really creating a lot of items these past few days!!! Thanks for sharing them!!

Thmini2 said...

Those are beautiful! I like the pink one the best also. Teresa

Merry Jingle said...

They look wonderful, the cold porcelain seems to give more delicate look than polymer clay. And the table looks fabulous :)

miniacollection said...

It's beautiful and very delicate. I love the petals in the bowl, and the cakes are great too. Congratulations!

Heleni said...

Wow Carolyn, they look beautiful. Also the petals in the bowl.
Thank you for the link.


Norma said...

They're so pretty. I must check out that tutorial, thanks for posting it.

Wanda said...

Hi Carolyn, love the rose petals and cakes. They're perfect!

Margaret said...

Your cakes and rose petals look lovely, such delicate colours, I must check out the tutorial too!

Ascension said...

Las rosas te han quedado maravillosas, la variedad de colores que has conseguido es un expectaculo.
Mi pastel preferido es el de azucar, tiene una imagen tan real, enhorabuena!!!
besitos ascension

Flora said...

What a job! The petals are beautiful, those poorly managed, keep well for me, I'm not very demanding :-)
Seriously: you were super again!!!
Mini kisses, flora

Jennifer Osmond said...

Beautiful, I love the little petals! They look so realistic.

Heather said...

The rose petals and cakes are fantastic. The petals are so delicate. Great job.

mijuu said...

Those roses petals are beautiful!

Oiseau deNim said...

Hi Carolyn,

The graduation of colors of petals is very nice.
Do you also make the cake with cold porcelain? It looks transluce and beautiful!
Thanks for the sharing! :)


M Carmen Casanova said...

¡Oh ! preciosos esos pétalos y la tarta con azúcar rosa genial . Que suerte Haber Encontrado tu blog.

maria said...

Very beautifull.
So romatic.